The Human Body, like the other volumes in the Encyclopedia of Science deals with a specific subject, in this case, the human body. The human body is introduced through its anatomy and physiology. Growth and development and the causes and treatment of illness extend this study. Finally, this volume describes the characteristics of adaptation, socialization, and the ability to modify or control the environment, which make human beings the dominant species of our planet.

The advance of science

One of the most exciting and challenging aspects of science is that its frontiers are constantly being revised and extended, and new developments are occurring all the time. Its advance depends largely on observation, experimentation, and debate, which generate theories that have to be tested and even then stand only until they are replaced by better concepts. For this reason, it is difficult for any science publication to be completely comprehensive. It is possible, however, to provide a thorough foundation that ensures that any such advances can be comprehended. It is the purpose of each book in this series to create such a foundation, by providing all the basic knowledge in the particular area of science it describes.